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PRO3 is the leading sports psychology assessment with a database of +14,000 professional athletes.

Over 20 years of experience assessing the psychological performance of athletes for leading sports organizations from the NFL, NBA, NHL, La Liga, ACB and more.

Adapted to the sports industry

PRO 3 is a sports personality test that measures, with 32 personality characters adapted to sports, the mental skills and psychological performance of an athlete, and predicts his behavior on the court, in the locker room and outside of the sports environment.

Results customized to your needs

On top of the scoring and personality makeup, a professional sports psychologist provides a personalized interpretation of the results with key insights and tips for every single player, focusing on the aspects that matter the most for your organization.

The sports industry standard

With more than 20 years of experience in sports personality profiling and measuring the psychological performance of professional athletes, we’ve assessed more than 14,000 players from top sports leagues including the NFL, NBA, La Liga, ACB or NHL.


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Personality assessments and sports psychology is relatively new for the sports industry and has proven to be key in winning titles and driving an organization’s success.

Greg Gabriel
Director of College Scouting, Chicago Bears

“We have used the character assessments provided by PRO3 for a number of years. They give us accurate character and intellectual information on players that help us with our player selection process.”

5 stars

Jerry Reese
General Manager, New York Giants

“For over 30 years PRO3 and their assessments has been a valuable contribution to the success of the New York Giants. Through numerous Super Bowl appearances and Super Bowl victories PRO3 has been there providing us with valuable character assessments on key players. They truly give us a competitive advantage.”

5 stars

Marc Ross
 VP Player Evaluation, New York Giants

“PRO3 and their assessments have been a valuable part in the evaluation of our collegiate players for the New York Giants. Their data has been pinpoint accurate in helping us assess the character of intellectual capabilities of the elite football players we consider drafting each year. PRO3’s assessments give us the information we need on the critical information on the important characteristics of football players.”

5 stars