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The PRO3 team members all share a common passion for sports as well as an interest in making the sports industry an exemplary place as it relates to developing strong persons on the court and in the personal life, spreading good values through the athletes and helping the community.

The PRO3 sports personality test is the result of that common interest and passion; combined with the expertise from various fields of the sports industry, with a team composed by former professional athletes, sports psychologists and sports marketeers.

To introduce personality assessments and psychological player development programs in the sports industry as crucial tools for the performance and growth of the athletes and teams, rather it is on professional, personal or social aspects.
To position PRO 3’s personality assessment as a standard in Europe to measure and develop the psychological performance and potential of an athlete and as a crucial tool for the selection, development, promotion and professional redirection of athletes.
Social progress in sports
We believe that PRO 3 is a tool that promotes social progress in sports. We know and have experienced many stories in sport of ex-athletes who are injured and find themselves with nothing to do from one day to another; athletes on the brink of suicide due to the stress and the lifestyle of a professional athlete; young athletes who fail at professional level and do not know what to do with their life; and many other situations where support from PRO 3 assessment would have been crucial in identifying potential threats and dealing with situations like these.

Intellectual integrity
The PRO 3 assessment is based on psychological models recognized and supported by solid academic researches. We ensure, in this manner, that the information provided by the results of PRO 3 is relevant and is the result of a robust scientific analysis based on comparatives of a unique database of more than 14.000 elite athletes.

Constant Innovation
We are under constant innovation to provide accessible and useful solutions for Our customers. We use a cloud-based technology that offers ease of access and management to our customers and allows us to carry out researches and statistical analysis of the results for the constant improvement of the assessment. These constant progressions in R & D allow us to provide increasingly valuable information and personalized service for our customers.

Real Value
The PRO 3 assessment measures the actual intangibles of an athlete and provides a basis from which to develop them. We strive to always provide a return on investment with increasingly valuable and personalized information that we provide at very affordable price.

Meet our Valuable Team of experts in sports!

PRO3’s team is composed of sports passionate with different backgrounds; from former professional athletes to sports psychologists and sports marketeers.

Paco Segarra
Paco SegarraCEO
Eric Simmons
Eric SimmonsR&D Manager
Quim Segarra
Quim SegarraSocial & Educational Sciences Manager
Jean-Baptiste Gehin
Jean-Baptiste GehinMarketing & Technology Manager
César Forcadell
César ForcadellSales Manager, Europe
Jordi Grau
Jordi GrauSales Manager, Rest of the World
Paco Segarra is a former professional soccer player who played as a left side for Barcelona FC during the Maradona decade, and then for Celta Vigo.

He injured himself at the age of 25 years old and had to stop his professional sports career. Once retired from soccer, he reconverted as an important entrepreneur in construction. He didn’t abandoned his pursuit to make his passion for sports a leaving as he became in 2008 the president of C.F. Sporting Mahones, a professional soccer club of the Spanish 2nd division.

His experience as a professional athlete who had to stop his career at a young age because of an injury has always driven his interest in spreading the importance of sports psychology within sports organizations to help athletes become better and stronger persons on and off the court.

Eric Simmons has over 15 years experience as a consultant in organizational development both nationally and internationally.

Eric played college football at Towson University, where he earned a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology. He continued his career in professional football in Europe and received his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology at the School of Professional Psychology in Los Angeles, California.

During his career, Eric has developed a very broad range of skills in the environment of sport psychology:

Eric has developed and managed a variety of personality tools for selection and development of professional athletes. He has customized these tools for many industries, including professional teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBS. These assessments are designed to identify the personality risks associated with players before selection, and to identify the ideal personality traits for success.

Eric is an experienced executive coach who helps individual athletes and sports organizations in both coaching “one-on-one” and the development of performance improvement programs for individuals and teams.

Leadership and Team Development
Eric has facilitated workshops designed to help multinational companies and leading professional clubs understand their personal learning and communication styles. He has delivered feedback sessions focused on personal performance results for the selection of players and professional teams to help with the preparation and implementation of development programs.

Quim Segarra is a specialist in Psychology and Education. He has a Bachelor of Psychology (Clinical specialty) from the University of Barcelona and is a Social Educator Specialist, after having spent 24 years working with teenagers in the fields of Social Welfare and Justice.

He is focused on the development of Personality and Personal Capabilities, and has led specialized teams towards enhancing personal development capabilities. He participated in the creation, development and implementation of the Psychosocial Competency Program (PCP), which led to the discovery and development of personal individual potential. He has worked with various government agencies (Ministry of Social Affairs, Government of Extremadura, Generalitat de Catalunya) to spread the importance of communication as a fundamental element of personal development.

He has played football and basketball at lower levels, and advocates the importance of knowledge and development of psychological and communication skills as essential tools for individual personal progress in sport.

Jean-Baptiste Gehin is a strategy and marketing professional with a large experience in top e-commerce companies managing products and web-services. For over two years, he worked alongside Eric Simmons, analyzing the U.S professional sports industry in order to develop and improve the psychological services of Professional Sports Consultants for several customers in the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.

He is an active contributor to the sports world, with participation to various professional sports events, including the NFL Scouting Combine and the Adidas Eurocamp.

Jean-Baptiste has a double Master in Marketing and Management from the INSEEC business school in France and the University of Economics in Wroclaw, Poland.

He is passionate about sports, and played competitive basketball for over 12 years, as well as several other sports including football, squash and pádel.

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Jordi is a former professional basketball player. He played for 12 years in the Spanish professional league (Liga ACB), in clubs such as Unicaja, Taugrws (Caja Laboral) and Murcia. He played for the Spanish national team in categories until the age of 21.

Over the past 13 years, Jordi is developing his professional career as commercial director and team coach in the real estate sector.