Acceptance of PRO 3 in the 8th Clinic of Soccer Coaches

This June, PRO 3 was one of the guest speakers at the conferences that have been held in Lanzarote for the VIII Clinic for soccer coaches headed by Valero Rivera. During those two days, we discussed crucial questions to correct and optimize the development of athletes.

In this year edition, such as during the previous ones, the invited speakers were professionals with extensive experience and prestige in their corresponding areas:


  • Valero Rivera (former coach of the Barcelona FC the Spanish national handball team and current coach of the Qatar national handball team)
  • Paco Seirul·lo (physical trainer at Barcelona FC)
  • Dr. Josep A. Gutierrez (doctor of the Barcelona FC and the Spanish national handball team)
  • Ferran Soriano (General Manager of Manchester City)
  • Joaquin Caparros (Coach of the Levante U.D soccer team)
  • Paco Jemez (Coach of the Rayo Vallecano de Madrid soccer team)


Jean Baptiste Géhin (Strategy and Marketing Manager of PRO 3) and Quim Segarra (Social and Educational Sciences Manager of PRO 3), revealed to the audience the importance of being aware of the psychological structure of your team and players in order to enhance their performance and development. PRO 3 was introduced as a key tool for the players’ acquisitions and sales, the coaching role and for the players’ development.

Following the conference, the PRO3’s assessment caused great excitement among attendees and speakers, many of whom were personally interested in the product considering how it could benefit their respective clubs.