27 05, 2017

PRO3 firma un acuerdo con la Federación Catalana de Futbol


Una vez más PRO3 ha llegado a un acuerdo con una entidad deportiva más que reconocida a nivel nacional. Esta vez el proyecto se cierra con la Federació Catalana de Futbol, esta asociación con más de 100 años de historia, planifica, promueve, ordena, dirige y [...]

13 02, 2017

10 key point of psychology in sports


Sport psychology is a branch in the main psychology science which bases its investigation and studies in the main faces of this discipline such as motivation, psychosocial stress, self-confidence, state of mind, activation level, focus, decision making, aggressiveness, consistency or persistence, personal relationship or team [...]

6 02, 2017

The main reasons why your club can benefit from Pro3: The 3 areas of the test.


There are many psychological tests, but what is better for the success of a club than a psychological test specially focused only for players? Pro3Test is the leader test in the sportive field that evaluates and optimizes the psychological skills of a sportsman. The background [...]