Collaborating with the Future of the Angolan Sport

The Academia de Futebol de Angola (AFA) organized, on the occasion of its inauguration, the International Forum of Sports Sciences applied to soccer on August 28th and 29th. PRO 3 was invited to the event by José Luis Garrido and Antonio Cortes, respectively General Manager and Sporting Director of the academy, to make an intervention on the sport psychology.

The event, which was opened by the greetings of His Excellency Mr. José Eduardo dos Santos, President of Angola and master of the AFA, hosted a large group of sports professionals including coaches, agents, sports doctors, club managers, etc., and counted with the participation of recognized elite soccer professionals, such as Victor Baia, former footballer of Porto FC and Barcelona FC, or Avraham Grant, former coach of several clubs including Chelsea FC.

The intervention of Quim Segarra, sports psychologist of PRO 3, lasted about three hours and a half, and provided several inputs about the importance of psychological assessment at all stages of the athlete’s evolution.

As a result, we are proud to announce that following the success of the Forum and the conference held by PRO 3, the AFA and ISC reached a collaboration agreement for the use of PRO 3 for the selection and development of players in Angola.

The Universidade de Futebol de Brasil was also interested by PRO 3 and considered it an innovative and very interesting product. Therefore, ISC and the Brazilian institution will collaborate during several congresses and conferences about soccer in Brazil. Thereby, the university published the following article on PRO 3: click here.

The Academia de Futebol de Angola (AFA) is a philanthropic institution whose goal is to be a reference as an elite training center for professional soccer players. His Excellency Mr. José Eduardo dos Santos, President of Angola is its master and main supporter, which shows the importance the African country gives this project.