Hire a psychologist in your team

The figure of physical trainer is more than established in sports clubs nowadays. Twenty years ago this would have been inconceivable, the coachers were responsables of this task. As the physical trainers were being introduced in the clubs, the coaches were progressively delegating this function. The results? Players much more prepared, better quality trainings and prevention in injuries.

It is probably that in many years the tendency it is the same with the sports psychologist, increasingly there are more coaches that want to study psychology to improve as techniques and team trainers and more sportive clubs are hiring sports psychologist to work with the coaches, players or family of the players.

The incorporation of psychologists to the team of an sports club, another important feature of the global preparation of the player is being attended. For children, sports will help to provide these benefits that usually are overshadowed by the wrong behaviour of managers, coaches, family and players. In sports competition, it will increase the joy of game and will optimize the performance of players, helping them to increase its highest level.

Everything points to the trend that the sports psychologist will be in a near future a common figure in the staff of all kind of sports clubs. What is more, all kind of sports clubs are hiring sports psychologists for their team, banishing the idea only big clubs or players can afford to have one in their staff.

It is essential to know each player and not generalize the methods to be applied, which sometimes can produce opposite effects in front of the astonishment who do not comprehend the causes, even thinking the fault is of the own player because their colleagues respond.

All these features have to be worked from the beginning to obtain beneficial results, because the psychologists cannot solve all kind of situations immediately, all results are achieved with hard work, dedication and efforts, values that look like pretty disappeared lately.  

From PRO3 we want to aim all the managers of sports entities to think about the importance of the psychologist in the field of giving the tools for coaches to manage effectively the locker-room, at least they are the support for the development of young players.


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