The main reasons why your club can benefit from Pro3: The 3 areas of the test.

There are many psychological tests, but what is better for the success of a club than a psychological test specially focused only for players? Pro3Test is the leader test in the sportive field that evaluates and optimizes the psychological skills of a sportsman.

The background of the psychology in sports begins in United States where the New York Giants Team was the pioneer in this area creating an element of personal analysis which ended up being an essential tool for the selection and developing of their players: the PSCI (Professional Sports Character Inventory) de la NFL or well known as the Giants Test.

Pro3Test was created from the adaptation and revision of that mentioned test and it’s based in more than 20 years of investigation and interviews to experts in the field of sports psychology,  making the test in an essential element to analyse and preview the abilities of a player to know his potential and achieve success at the playing area.

Pro3Test divides its psychological analysis in 3 main ‘intangible’ areas essentials for a good performance of an athlete:

      ON FIELD: The competition. The test helps to preview how the player will react at the playing field, how will act against the pressure of the game, how he will manage his impulses, it will also show us the self-confidence he has on himself and the ability to take important decisions in key moments of the game.  

‘The analysis of this area is the key to know how a player will act in the competition moment.

       LOCKER-ROOM: Socialization and relation with the rest of team and staff members. ocialización The test will allow us to know the behaviour of the player interacting with the rest of the team, how he will act and communicate with the rest of equals. Will he be able to struggle to reach the goals of the team and club? Will he be a leader that wants to stand out from the rest of players? Which will be the role in the group?

‘Investigate and having previous data of the player of this area is a major key to have a good performance of the team, the integration and connection of all the members of the team is essential to reach the common goals. A team is a gear where all pieces have to fit in order the machine doesn’t stop working.’


–      OFF-FIELD: Personal Field. When a player is part of a big team is very important to have a strong and rational mind, ready to face good and bad periods. Injuries, rough patches, low performance,… can influence in a bad way in the mind of a player provoking all kind of reactions. It is important to preview how is a player out of the field to detect and prevent unpleasant situations.

‘As we know, prevention is better than cure, so Pro3 is the main solution to recognise and detect the hidden and inner face of a player. Knowing before the way a player manages his personal life,his grade of maturity, know if he is easy influenciable or his personal balance, will help us to take the right decisions by the trainers of the club to prevent situations that can be avoided before.’