NFL Draft

From PRO3, we want to talk about one of the most important sports events that take place every April in the US: the NFL Draft. Broadly speaking, the NFL draft is a player selection process quite confusing for most of us. This is an event where the young football players see how their future is being drawn. The event lasts 3 days and is held in Chicago (USA).

The NFL has created some rules for this event in order to balance their league in competition between teams. In this way, teams that need it most can hire the best-performing high school players, or at least the most coveted, since not always the best are chosen first. We are going to throw in this post with more depth the whole process.

What is exactly the NFL Draft?

The draft is one of the waydescarga (1)s that the NFL teams have to supply their team of new players on staff. There are 3 ways to choose players:

  • Hire free agents, ie players who have made contractual commitments to their equipment and can be hired by another team.
  • Exchange players, that is, bring players from other teams in exchange for players of their own.
  • The draft: an event held in April of each year in which each NFL team takes its turn to choose a player who has finished his career in college football (college players) and wants to become part of the NFL .

Therefore, this is a draw where the 32 teams in the league take turns choosing graduated or eligible college players. It is the main source of NFL athletes, players who have shown more talent, are the first to be elected, and those who have not demonstrated so much, stay in the end.

However, the rules of selection are much more complicated than simply tossing a coin, winning the flop and choosing first. There are many millions of dollars in this event.

How is the draft developed?

The event consists of seven rounds in which each team can choose a player. Which means that each team can take 7 players in the draft and, taking into consideration that there are 32 teams in the NFL, the total number of players that are chosen is approximately 224.

This can change because teams can exchange their opportunity to choose a player, with another team, in exchange for some other player. In which case, teams may choose more than one player in the same round.

“During the draft each team takes a turn each round to hire an eligible player until seven rounds are completed.”


Who chooses first?

The NFL looks for the teams that won the least in a season to rebuild their team soon to be able to compete with the best, that is why those teams are the ones who choose first, well, whoever has gone the worst season, choose more soon. All this in order that there are no major differences between the level of play of the teams. The team that wins the Super Bowl is the last to choose in each round, for example.

“It uses a reverse system, the worst team chooses first and the best, the champion, chooses at the end. Thus, the baddies have the opportunity to choose the best prospects and build a more even league. “



How much can teams spend in the draft?

The NFL has a salary cap for the teams that make up the league. That cap is changing little by little as time passes, but it is basically a way to limit the amount of money that is paid in player salaries. By 2013, NFL teams could not pay salaries (for their entire roster) of more than $ 120 million.

Teams can not invest all their money just in rookie wages and that’s why the league assigns them a budget they can use for it in the draft. This allocation is calculated using a formula that has not been published, but is known to have variables: the number of times the team can choose and which rounds to choose – there are teams that can choose more than seven players, or Teams that exchange one or more of their opportunities to choose, so sometimes a team does not have the same “drafting” opportunities as the rest.

The draft is made just half the time between the Super Bowl and the start of the next season. So it’s an important event, especially taking into account what happens at a time of year when fans suffer from lack of games.

How much do they pay the newbies?

There is a special salary cap for these freshmen. The NFL was reaching a point where almost $ 100 million was given to a young man who did not have a single play as a pro. In the last collective agreement between the league and the union, the new contracts were formed for these young people and thus, the more years they spend in the NFL, the better they can go financially.