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PRO 3 is a scientifically validated tool that measures the psychological performance and potential of an athlete.

PRO 3 is the result of the revision and adaptation of the PSCI (Professional Sports Character Inventory) recognized in the United States as “the test of the Giants”, referring to the american football team the New York Giants which was pioneer in the U.S in implementing psychological assessments for the selection and development of their athletes.

Sport Intelligence
Handling pressure
Impulse control
Leadership Potential
Work Ethic

A 297 multi-choice questionnaire that assesses 31 sports personality characters

PRO3 multi-choice questionnaire with 5 answer options; from “completely agree” to “completely disagree”. It can be administrated online or with paper and pen to an individual or collectively to a group. The answers are compared with a database of more than 14,000 professional athletes. Depending on the player, it takes between 20 and 40 minutes to answer all the questions, with no time limit.

multi-choice questions
sports personality characters
professional athletes assessed
minutes per player

The player’s psychological performance assessment is articulated around 3 areas: on the field, in the locker room and off the field

The psychological performance of an athlete is not only reduced to his ability to perform and manage pressure during a given game situation. It is equally important to measure his ability to be a great teammate in the locker room or with the staff; or to be able to have a remarkable attitude outside of the sports environment, whether it is to manage his own assets, to handle the press and media attention or to be involved in making his community better.

In addition to the measurement and assessment of the 31 personality characters adapted to sports, the PRO3 test results provide a score and an in-depth analysis of the athlete’s psychological performance and personality makeup specifically adapted to each of the three areas that matter the most in sports: on the field, in the locker room and off the field. This analysis also provides insights on the overall personality consistency and stability of the athlete by analyzing the balance between the three areas of the athlete’s life.

A professional sports psychologist provides a personalized assessment based on the project’s objectives.

With its sports personality test, PRO3 enabled a common language and scale when it comes to psychological assessment in sports and made it easy for industry players to create standard athletes or staff personality profiles that fit the organization and compare the mental skills of different athletes.However, each sports organization is making its own usage of the information provided by PRO3.

To adjust the analysis to the usage and to provide actionable insights, PRO3 assigns a professional sports psychologist for every customer. He identifies the need and usage that each client will make of the information provided by the PRO3 test results, and provides a personalized interpretation of the results for each athlete with insights and tips, focusing on the key aspects that matter the most for the client.

A key information that is used by sports organizations and athletes in  many ways.

Measuring how fast a person runs the 100 meters or evaluate the field goals percentage of a player is very easy; however, to measure the intangibles of an athlete; those factors that differentiate the superstars from the others; is very difficult.

With the results of PRO3, you will have unique scientific information that creates competitive advantages completing other physical and technical reports for a true overall picture of the players. This information will happen to be crucial to take better management and coaching decision, especially on:

  • Players acquisitions and sales strategies
  • Players development programs
  • Coaching and communication management
  • Players career re-orientation

The PRO3 test is not only relevant to assess players, but also to assess staff members for any sports organizations; such as coaches or referees.

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