Train Players and Build People

PRO 3 and FIATC Joventut Badalona are making official their collaboration for the psychological evaluation and monitoring of club’s players.

According to the agreement, the PRO 3 team will follow and work with the players and coaching staff all season to develop and optimize the performance and psychological potential of the players. Thus, FIATC Joventut will be using a psychological evaluation and development program that has over 20 years of experience in leagues like the NBA.

Several players of the first team, including Guillem Vives and Alex Ventura, have already taken the PRO 3 assessment and were able to establish the basis of their psychological performance for sports, providing information of great interest for the games and locker-room management. The rest of the squad will be assed throughout the season.

Both head-coach , Salva Maldonado, and Sporting Director, Jordi Martí, are using the results of PRO 3 since the 9th game as a support to manage the players and their tactical decisions during the game.

Link to the news on the website of Joventut: http://www.penya.com/noticia.php?id=13360


FIATC Joventut de Badalona:

  • Historical European Professional Basketball Club (Badalona is the European capital of basketball).
  • 3rd lowest budget of the ACB with a good record this season.
  • One of the league’s youngest team with an average age of 24 years with a policy based on betting on their youth teams: that’s the importance of PRO 3 in its development plan.



  • PRO3 is a scientific personality test that measures the psychological characteristics and potential of an athlete.
  • Arrived in Europe after 20 years of being the leader in U.S. professional leagues like the NBA, the NFL or the NHL.
  • The results are compared with a unique database that contains information on more than 14,000 athletes.